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    • 2017 Tianliao Mood World Concert Date : 4 Oct,2017 16:00-21:00 Location : Tianliao Mood World   ~~WELCOME~~  


  • Tianliao Township is located at the southwest region of Taiwan (120 to121°E and 22 to 23°N), bordering Wushan of Cishan Township at the east, Dagangshan of Alian Township and Gangshan Township at the west, and Agongdian River and Yancao Township at the south, and Wanci Creek and Longci Township of Tainan County at the north. The land area of Tianliao stretches to 12kn in the east-west direction and 11km in the north-south direction with a total area of 92.6802 square kilometers. It is a relatively small township at the northwest side of Kaohsiung County.