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Security Policy

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    Announcement on Information Security

    As the online transmission of information is not 100% safe, our websites strive to protect the security of the personal information of our users. Since the course of information transmission involves the protection quality of your internet surfing environment, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the users' transmission or receipt of the information of our websites. Users are reminded to pay attention to and bear the risk of online information transmission.
    The different kinds of personal information that users disclose voluntarily on the websites, such as e-mail address or their name posted on popular forums, may be collected and used by other people. If you are worried about these problems, you may choose not to enter such information. If you disclose personal information on the internet, which is allowed to be read by other people, you may receive ads or junk mail sent by other entities (third parties). Please note that any consequences arising from these actions is out of our control and we are not responsible or liable for said consequences .

    Amendment of the Protection Policy concerning Privacy and Information Security

    This policy of our website is subject to occasiona amendment to fit in with the latest privacy protection regulations. In case of any large-scale amendment of the regulations in respect to the use of personal information, a notice will be posted on the webpage to inform you of the relevant matters.

    Amendment of the Protection Policy concerning Privacy and Information Security

    If you have any questions concerning the privacy protection policy or the collection, use, and updating of personal information, please feel free to contact us during office hours. Operator: → 886-7-636-1475